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PCB Manufacturing

Express Circuits Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of complex prototype and small to medium volume multilayer PCBs.

As a dynamic player in the PCB electronics industry, Express Circuits has a reputation for innovative, dependable PCB manufacturing solutions (DFM) which ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our experienced technical personnel specialise in producing quality complex Laser Ablated microvia, Blind & Buried Multilayers & Rigid-Flex PCBs.

Express Circuits Ltd Products

All our standard products are manufactured using UL approved materials and produced to IPC6012 class 2( Class 3 upon request).

When requested all products can be supplied 100% tested to your netlist, impedance test results can also be supplied to validate the PCB meets customer requirements.

Specialising in fast turnaround prototype and pre-production circuits turnarounds can start from as little as 24hrs (design dependant)

Typical Products available are as follows:

  • Single Sided and Double Sided PTH boards.
  • Multilayer PCBs 3-32 layers.
  • Microvia, Blind and Buried Via PCBs.
  • Copper and via filled pcbs.
  • Flex-rigid PCBs 2-24 layers.
  • Stretchable Circuit Technology.
  • Differential Plated PCBs.
  • Edge plating with half routed holes.
  • Bonded Heatsinks.

Please contact the Sales or Technical Support Department to discuss your requirements.


We stock a large selection of High Tg FR4 (VT47,GA170) and Rogers 4000 series materials. Other materials are available on request. Please contact a member of our Technical Support Department who can advise you of the performance and availability of your chosen material.

Express are more than happy to stock any materials with extended lead-times as long as your requirements meet with your chosen materials shelf life and minimum order requirements.

FR4 Laminates Used
  • Hi Tg Lead Free Compatible
  • Medium Tg Lead Free Compatible
  • Halogen Free
Specialist Laminates Available
  • Rogers
  • Taconic
  • Polyimide
  • Nelco

(Direct links to manufactures / suppliers are available from the links area)


  • Max Brd Dimensions - 550 x 480mm
  • Max Brd Thickness - 4.8mm
  • Number of Layers - Max 32 layers
  • Min Track: - 75  microns (�50 micron in controlled areas)
  • Min Gap: - 75  microns (�50 micron in controlled areas)
  • Smallest Mechanical Hole: - 0.15mm Drilled (PCB Thickness Dependant)
  • Smallest Laser Hole: - 0.05mm Finished (Layer Separation Dependant)
  • Aspect Ratios: - 8:1 Drilled as standard
  • Hole to Copper - 0.15mm (Design dependant)
  • Controlled Impedance - +/-10% Standard or +/-5% Advanced
  • Copper Filled Vias - Flat Pad Technology
  • Bonded Heatsink/Planes


Finish Type Thickness Application Use
Electroless Ni/Au 3-5 Microns Ni
0.05 � 0.15 Microns Au
Lead Free Solder
Alum Wire Bond
Touch Pads
Immersion Silver 0.2-0.3 Microns Lead Free Solder
Alum Wire Bond
Touch Pads
Electro-Plated Hard Gold 2.5-5 Microns Au Edge Connector Contact
Electro-Plate Nickel & Hard Gold 3-5 Microns Ni
< 1.5 Microns Au
Surface Friction Contact
Electroless Nickel/Pd/Au 3-5 Microns Ni
0.2-0.6 Microns Pd
0.02-0.1 Microns Au
Lead Free Solder
Alum Wire Bond
Gold Wire Bond
Lead Free HASL 5-15 Microns Lead Free Soldering
Tin Lead HASL 5-15 Microns Lead Based Solderingn Military, Aerospace
Electro-plate Nickel up to 25 Microns Hard Wear Contacts
OSP (Organic Preservative) 0.3 Microns Soldering
Conductive Carbon Ink Spec Type / Thk's TBA Touch Pad Surface Contact

For a more comprehensive list of capabilities please contact a member of the Technical Support Department.

Key Manufacturing Equipment

CAM Dept:
Inspection & Test Dept:
Drill / Rout Dept:
Laboratory Dept:
  • CMI Xray Fluoresance (Surface Plating Thickness Measurement)
  • CMI Caviderm (Hole Plating Thickness Measurement)
  • Camspec U.V. / Visual Spectrophotometer
  • Cemco Solderability Tester
  • Cemco Peel and Pull Tester
  • Cemco Change of Resistance Tester
  • Olympus 1000X Microscope
  • C.I.F. Bench IR Reflow
Press Room:
  • Burkle MTV 100/4 3 Daylight Press
  • CEDAL MCP 20 Monolam Press
  • Piergiacomi AMM20 Weld Machine
Legend Print:
  • Orbotech Sprint 8 Legend Printer

Raising the standard / Quality Assurance

When it comes to standards why risk going anywhere else.
From the original design through to final assembly you be assured of our commitment to quality assurance.

Express Circuits Quality Accreditations Express Circuits Quality Accreditations